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Services We Provide

There are outdoor scenic photographic opportunities throughout the SouthLands Center to member

Members can plug their laptop or digital camera into our 37" LG Hi-Res 1080P Monitor located in our
"sales office," and WOW their prospects when showing them a “slide show” of their work.

Elinchrom (Brand) Soft boxes, umbrella's, 12' wide MultiColor seamless backdrops, 8' cloth backdrops
and some props are included.  Natural light is available in the camera room, and secure wireless
Internet access is included.

Co-op members use a community on-line calendar system to schedule time in the facility.  Time can be
scheduled separately for the Sales Office, Reception area or the Camera Room.  Up to three people
may use different parts of the Studio simultaneously.  This improves efficiency and access for all.

Marketing services are being developed to help grow members businesses, particularly to the
merchants and their employees located within the SouthLands Center.

Private Security Patrols are active day and night throughout the SouthLands, on-foot and in vehicles,
so prospective clients or customers should feel comfortable here at anytime.  Members or clients can
be walked to their vehicle by security personal, if required.  Call
Grider Lee at 303-903-1627 for
more information.
Daylight, Softboxes, Umbrellas and MultiColor backdrops are available.
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Convenient equipment storage adjacent to the Camera Room